How to convert iTunes protected files

The limit of DRM protection, which prevents us from sharing iTunes movies, TV shows and Music videos wherever and whenever. You must hope you may enjoy your purchased and rental iTunes videos at home, at the station or on your journey.

Don't worry, IntactHD M4V Converter can solve it, and you don't need to worry about output quality, which will make you disappointed. Not only can IntactHD M4V Converter remove DRM protection, but also it will preserve 100% original video quality.

As we known, a iTunes movie or TV show usually has several video version, including SD, 720P HD and 1080P HD. Whichever you convert, you can get visual effect like original video by only one-button conversion. without any setting, you will experience great quality just under the default configuration.

And the output video has no long DRM protection forever. What's more, no need to speed a night converting a movie. IntactHD M4V Converter converts M4V videos at 20X faster speed. As usual, a 2-hour 1080P HD movie can be finished in 15 minutes, the amazing speed is far faster than other similar products.

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