Keep and set AC3 and 5.1 Surround

AC3, full name is Audio Coding3, AC3 provide Surround Sound System composed by the 5 full-range channels and a subwoofer channel, is called 5.1 Surround. Five channels, including the front left, front right, center, rear left and rear right. Subwoofer channel mainly to provide some additional information on bass. The information of six channels in the production and restore process are all digital, loss of information rarely.

Movie producted and broadcasted using the 5.1 surround sound, you can experience the immersive, feel the program's vivid effect on-site, some scenes, such as better explosion, impact and other high-quality surround sound let you scream fun.

IntactHD M4V Converter can preserve the files' 5.1 surround, if the file has AC3 audio track, it will preserved automatically when you take the default audio settings, if you want to keep AC3 only, please do it as following:

Step 1. Add M4V movies with AC3.

Click add button to import the file you want to convert


Add iTunes movies to convert

Step 2. Set the audio track.

Click setting button to choose AC3 in the drop-down list box, it will be displayed together with multi-language audio tracks.

Set the audio track, set the chapter

Step 3. Start conversion.

Click Convert Now button to start the conversion.

Converting protected M4V to MP4

After conversion, users can click History to show the output file

IntactHD M4V Converter directly removes the DRM and exports the .m4v files to .mp4 without protections, it is a professional M4V Converter with amazing speed to convert purchased videos or rented videos or movie iTunes Extras from iTunes Store, it supports bath conversion, supports keeping multi-language audio tracks, supports keeping subtitle and closed caption, supports keeping chapters, after M4V conversion, there is lossless video and audio quality output. Just free download and enjoy it.