How to remove DRM protection

DRM, short for Digital rights management, is a class of controversial technologies that are used by hardware manufacturers, publishers, copyright holders, and individuals with the intent to control the use of digital content and devices after sale.

DRM is always used to prevent the consumer access, deny the user the ability to copy the content or converting it to other formats. For devices this means restricting the consumers on what hardware can be used with the device or what software can be run on it.

For personal use, you don't want to enjoy your purchased or rent movies with DRM protection, you can try to remove the DRM with the help of IntactHD M4V Converter.

As an all-in-one DRM removal and M4V Converter, IntactHD M4V Converter helps users get rid of DRM restrictions from all protected iTunes videos, including both Rentals and Purchases.

After you remove DRM, you have no need to worry about those limitations of purchased or rent movies or tv shows from iTunes Store. You can keep iTunes rentals, and play purchased movies without limitation of amount of devices to play the videos.

Steps to remove DRM with IntactHD M4V Converter

First of all, you need to free download the trial version of IntactHD M4V Converter. Before you purchase and register IntactHD M4V Converter, you can only convert 5 minutes each video. After you purchase and register IntactHD M4V Converter, the limitation will be removed.

Second, install and run IntactHD M4V Converter, you can see an intuitive and friendly user interface:

Interface of IntactHD M4V Converter

Third, click Add button to open and select the videos you want to convert, and then click OK to import the videos.

You can also click Add files in the drop-down list of menu. Or dragging the M4V videos to IntactHD M4V Converter is supported as well.

Add M4V videos to convert

Forth, now IntactHD M4V Converter only supports converting DRM M4V to MP4. There is no other output choice for you to choose.

Click the browse icon, you can choose a folder to save the converted files, you can also creat a new folder, or use the default one as the output folder. It's up to your need.

Set the output folder

Fifth, click the Convert Now button to convert M4V to MP4.

It converts videos at a super high speed. Just a minute, you can enjoy the converted videos easily.

Converting M4V to MP4