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Installation & Interface


To install this M4V to MP4 Converter, please follow the next steps:

  • Download the installation package for IntactHD M4V to MP4 Converter from Download page.
  • Double clicks the installation file IntactHDM4V.exe to start installing it on your computer.
  • Follow the instruction to finish the installation.
  • You can choose to create a desktop icon of this program, then you can just run the program from the desktop icon.

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Main Interface

After you launch IntactHD M4V to MP4 Converter, you will see the main interface like this:

Interface of IntactHD M4V to MP4 Converter

More screeshot, you can view them on Screenshot of IntactHD M4V to MP4 Converter.

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Full steps to convert DRM M4V to MP4

Step 1: Import Video Files

First, Click the Add or Add Movie button, then the adding window pops up.

Add Movies to convert

1. The program allows you to import files from different iTunes library (Default is Movies).
2. Only protected M4V videos can be added.

Add M4V videos to convert

Second Locate and select the files you want to add. Click the OK button, then you can see all the files you chose are shown in the file list.

Add M4V videos to convert

Tips: You can also drag *.m4v files to the list directly from your disc or other location.

Delete Video Files if you add some you don't need to convert

Select the files you want to delete, and then click the Remove button, then you can see the files you chose are deleted.

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Step 2: Customize Audio tracks and Subtitles.

Click the Settings button Set the audiotrack, and then choose the Audio tracks and Subtitles you want to keep in the drop-down list box. Then the file will show up the audio tracks and subtitles information you selected.

Set audio tracks, set the subtitles

If the file contains ac-3 audio track, it will be displayed in the tracks and can be reserved.

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Step 3: Customize Output Path.

Click the Change the folder button, then customize the output directory in the pop-up window.

Set the output path

1. If you don't change the output path, the converted files will be saved in IntactHD default folder.
2. You can click the Open button to show the output path.

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Step 4: Start converting Video Files.

After adding the video files and customizing output path, just click the Convert button to start the converting. At the same time, iTunes will be launched again if it has been closed after started together with the program.

Converting protected M4V movies

Note: Before converting, make sure your computer is well authorized with the same Apple ID that you used when downloading the iTunes movies.

Warning: Before the Status shows converting progress, iTunes will be shown and hide itself in a flash, and please don't do anything with iTunes during converting, conversion may failed by occurring an error.

If you haven't purchased the program and use this product for the first time, when you click the Convert button, you will see prompt message as follows:

Trail version information pop up

If you have purchased the program, this will not be shown.

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Step 5: Check History Records.

When the conversion is completed, the history records will be saved automatically. Click the History button to show up the records.

Conversion history

Conversion history

To find the converted files directly, you can click the Show in Finder button to show the converted file in output folder, or click the "Open" button to open the output folder.

The history will be cleared after restarting the program.

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If you didn't get the answers from the Homepage, please contact IntactHD M4V to MP4 Converter technical support team for further assistance. Technical support inquiry, suggestion, feedback, proposal, compliments, or even criticism, are all welcome.

We are always ready to service you with prompt and useful email support. From Monday to Friday, we will answer your emails within 24 hours. If you send emails during weekends, we will answer your questions in the next Monday. Please allow time lag due to different time zones.

Support E-Mail:

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